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yea and he doesn’t like you

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i laugh harder every time i replay it

http://weloveshortvideos.com/post/63621041215/whos-that-pokemon-vine-by-sammy-san-pedro-cruz weloveshortvideos
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who made this chicken 🐓 by Chip Hoch

http://vinegod.net/post/82243072786/who-made-this-chicken-by-chip-hoch vinegod
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Skies Aflame Webcomic 

Please check this blog out! It’s a webcomic made by redmoondragon.

It’s a very epic long complicated historical fantasy war story about pheonixes vs dragons‏
And it’s hardcore since the biggest problem of the story is genocide‏
Plus there’s a set of realistic characters in fantasy creatures‏
Different beliefs, diverse people (takes place in Europe but half the cast is people of color)
There’s different sexualities and it’s treated like it’s normal and no big deal‏
Phycological profiles of why a character became the way they are‏
And how societies shape people. Shape a mind, and what this can resolve for the future‏
got badass women‏
Strong one and ones that are people‏

She has an established framework of why this war happened because of their history‏
The villain is a feminist but she calls call him pheonix hitler‏
A third party whose leader and her main villan has a complicated history that Jesus it’s painful‏
Also the third party is badass too‏
Dragons has a set kingdoms, is diverse and society diverse‏
Politics involved‏
Pheonixes are diverse and I know their politics‏
Dragons and birds have human forms (and I have a reason why)
Also the comic is digital art‏
She has been working on it for 5 years

It would mean a lot to her if you did!

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When you wake up, your only choice will be to run

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My OTP is Samifer, Hannigram, Moliarty and Sheriarty. If you follow me you are my friend. If you want talk just say hi. I'm always open to suggestions for new shows to watch. Favorite band is Blue October. ^u^

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